Sarah Goldberg, LMFT

I help people who are dealing with: Job stress; heavy feelings surrounding break-ups; artists who have lost their spark and want to find it again-who are navigating between commercial pressures and the ability to have their true voices heard. Intimacy issues, trauma, and love addiction issues as well as other addictive issues are a specialty. My goal is to create a supportive, non-judgmental space for you to unpack difficult feelings and to help facilitate emotional healing. A compassionate and safe therapy relationship can help you change your life.

My approach is mainly relational, sometimes behavioral, and at all times relevant to my client’s needs. My practice focuses on women’s issues, creative blocks, young people, couples, phase of life/career issues, feelings of isolation, social anxiety, trauma and sexuality issues.

I love the challenge of helping others to grow as human beings; to form therapeutic partnerships that help my clients to navigate travels through life’s various difficulties and trials. I feel passionately about facilitating healing through interpersonal connection as well as integrating therapeutic tools and methods that promote change. I feel excited about the ways that therapy can help people to move beyond the places where they find themselves feeling inadequate, hurting, stuck, deficient, failing, unfulfilled, wounded, angry, resentful, ashamed, self-critical, unforgiving and fearful, so that they can become their best selves.

My role as a therapist is to act as a co-facilitator with my clients in order to help them to gain an understanding and expand awareness of their unique and dynamic personalities; their family history and role in it; their strengths and liabilities; patterns in thinking, feeling, and relating; clarifying and working toward integration or resolution of internal and external dilemmas and conflicts. It is my hope also to help my clients find meaning and purpose in their individual lives; what constitutes happiness, fulfillment, and good relationships; realizing their potential and goals and helping facillitate their making their contribution to the world and the next generation. It is my hope to help my clients live good lives in the tension between accepting oneself and others as they are, while striving for growth, improvement and deepening of their relationships.

I offer therapy in the heart of Los Angeles, California.